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Welcome. This site is plain on purpose because I don’t like what the internet has become. It is just a space for the notes I have been writing. This is my about page and since I have no comment system installed, you can contact me for whatever. You can view a list of all my notes by year here.

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Yesterday, I realized that I fell into the pit again. The pit, or rabbit-hole of my mobile phone. In the lockdown days it is so easy to happen. You get bored, you get your phone. Twitter, reddit, hacker news and lobste.rs. Don’t forget the links. One leads to another. Oh that’s a video…I had to do something again. I need to relax a bit. It’s been months I haven’t read a physical book.
When I first started testing Tiddlywiki in summer, I found out a lot about the new version which I could use to have a better experience. This document may serve as a starting point for anyone who wants to easily setup a low maintenance wiki. I tried to experiment with other wiki systems available under Linux, but setting up a whole LAMP server for using a wiki locally seemed like an overkill (and it is as I’m so lazy to do such things).
Okay, keeping a blog alive is hard. I never managed to do that more than some months. But I reboot quite often. So, it’s been almost 6 months. We are now in a 2nd quarantine due to COVID-19 and my blog still exists. I don’t like it very much, It’s not what I was going for when I started it (6 times) but I’ll keep it anyway. There are many things that occupied my mind all this time, and I will try to share.
Today I finally put all my important files under version control. But without uploading to a web service like github. Apparently you can do that. There were lots of things I didn’t quite get about git but now I know more. Even locally, git allows you to manage your own commits, view differences of versions, make branches and revert to older versions locally as well. Why the heck haven’t thought of this before?
It’s been more than 24 hours I’ve finished this film and it still haunts me. Lynch’s dreamtopia comments the show business and makes it relatable to everyone. I still don’t know why it took me almost 20 years to watch it and stopped at Lost highway. A really mythical symbolic and riddle-filled movie. There are still many theories about it’s true meaning, but some things will be always remain unexplained.
⌨ Since I’ve got a spare old laptop in my hands, I’ve been thinking of turning it into a small media server. The problem is I want to connect it to a TV set, but without opening its lid since the screen is not working. The power button is as usual under the lid so I needed to find a way of switching it on without opening the lid, by using an external usb keyboard.
The month of April wasn’t so rich of movies. That usually happens when I discover a big series. This month’s show award, as well as the quarantine’s covid19 award goes to the Community which gained so many extra fans coming to Netflix (myself included). Citizen four - 2014 (Laura Poitras) An impressive record of Snowden’s adventure. Better watched while reading his book. Community S01-06 - 2009 (Dan Harmon)
Finally, I was able to make the change. And It was a good one. The installation went smooth, except for one little bug in anaconda installer. Anaconda couldn’t auto-create the partition scheme from the first location selector screen. I had to select advanced, manually remove my old partitions and then let the installer auto-create the new ones. After that everything went well. The new Gnome is smoother and faster. I only had to install the gnome-tweak-tool and the rpmfusion repositories from https://rpmfusion.
Almost a month ago, I was looking for systems to organize my folder structure. I have done this a couple of times over the years (I’m hard to please for no reason at all) but this was the first time I found johnny.decimal. It is a really clever system which is based on numbering a specific number of folders for your needs. It needs a bit of forward thinking to set it up but I think it can shine on specific setups.
I’m an emacs user and I love vim even if I know so little about it. I’ve learned the basic editing and movement commands and for some reason I got in the habit of using it to edit config files. I know I could do that inside emacs, but when I’m working into a terminal I find it faster. And of course it is a great piece of software. Now on emacs, I found a nice way to load it with a custom config file.
The fear of missing out (FOMO) is a dangerous thing. Especially in music. So I’ve designed my revolution: No more always available playlists with greatest hits and algorithms based on playing history, related bands and a downward spiral towards musical consumerism! I’m listening to one album for days. That’s all. This way I can understand it. I can sink inside it and take whatever it has to give me. I only have to make this choice a couple times a month.
For the last couple of months I’m using Ubuntu. I’m happy with it, after all I’ve installed it so I won’t have to customize many things, mainly out of boredom and secondly to focus on my work. Covid19 made us all work from home, so I won’t make significant changes to my machine as long as this keeps going. I have installed Ubuntu in the middle of an existential crisis after dividing my partition in two because I missed it.
📆 Today’s revelation: I learned that I can export all my dated entries from my org-mode agenda files into an ics file. I saved this file to my NextCloud folder (by setting the org-icalendar-combined-agenda-file variable) to import the file into my android phone which is tricky. The events are going into the default calendar of the device and there is no standard way to erase it and update your events. For this to work, I’m using another app, the simple calendar, which imports locally the file and later, everything can be erased to import an update.
🚴A simple story in the post war Italy. A man and a boy roaming the streets of Rome to find the most important thing for their existence. A bicycle. There are no actors, no romance or fantasy. The protagonists moves seem staged and akward, but their eyes are telling you what you need to know until you break with them. A movie about the cruelty of living which was characterized as one of the pillars of Italian neo-realism.
Δυο εβδομάδες πέρασαν από τότε που είδα τον Φάρο του R. Eggers. Δεν έγραψα τις εντυπώσεις μου με το που βγήκα απ’ την αίθουσα, ούτε κράτησα κάποιου είδους σημειώσεις. Τα συναισθήματα ήταν μπλεγμένα με σχεδόν φυσικό πόνο. Η αμεσότητα του ασπρόμαυρου, οι ερμηνείες των Dafoe/Pattinson, η μοναξιά και το κρύο που με διαπερνούσε -κι ας ςίχε ζέστη στην αίθουσα- οι μύθοι και το σφυροκόπημα των στοιχείων της ανθρώπινης ύπαρξης με κατέστησαν ανήμπορο.
I have been meaning to fix my RSS feed for a couple of weeks now. It was something I did not find many resources until today and I had to dive into more complicated documentation, even if the only thing I wanted was to exclude my pages from the feed. Ben Congdon just saved me!
📲 I’ve talked before about my new phone setup, which now doesn’t contain no Google apps or services at all. I’ve been using a custom ROM for my phone but I could do the same just by disabling all Google services and apps. My device has better battery life and I’m using only essential apps. This is a major step towards full degooglification and helps with mindful use of the phone, something I’m trying for some years now.
🆕 It’s always nice to try something new. I don’t usually get such opportunities but you never know when you will get one strange idea to try out. I had one idea regarding to my music listening habits. I always try to listen to albums. Lots of albums over the years. But there are times when I get tired of my choices. There are certain genres, publications and channels, into and outside the mainstream forming our taste in music.
🏃‍♂️️🏃‍♀️ Gadgetbridge is an open source project to connect your fit band to your mobile phone and manage it without sending data to the manufacturer through the official and heavy apps. It’s been a while since I don’t use my fitband to record daily activity or sleep. I really don’t care gathering all that data [*]. What I do, is use it as a watch and an alarm clock, which is in fact a very good idea.
🎺 Θα πρέπει να φανταστούμε κάποιον που προσέρχεται να ακούσει τα χάλκινα πνευστά μιας ορχήστρας, όχι επειδή τον ενδιαφέρει η μουσική, αλλά επειδή χρειάζεται και αναζητά χαλκό. Μπρεχτ. Ανακάλυψα αυτήν την εκπομπή στο τρίτο πρόγραμμα, τελείως τυχαία, αναζητώντας κάτι να ακούσω στο αυτοκίνητο. Πέτυχα την απαγγελία αποσπασμάτων από τον βίο του Αίσωπου. Ένα βιβλίο γραμμένο στην καθαρεύουσα, το οποίο ακόμα δεν είμαι σίγουρος ποιο ήταν, και οριακά μπορούσα στην αρχή να καταλάβω.